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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  July 2, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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almost defines fourth of july...
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good evening. it is the kind of weather that almost defines fourth of july. sizzling temperatures, along with sizzling burgers. some people hoping to stay cool and save money, hitting local beaches and pools. a great way to beat the heat, but it's just a taste of what's to come! let's check in with erika to check in on how hot it's going to get. >> definitely have a heat advisory that has been issued for much of the inland locations from noon to 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. we've got excessive heat, also do have that spare the air alert. that has to do with the fact that that high pressure ridge is moving in rather quickly, keeping everything very stagnant. we can see we've got unhealthy air walt for parts of the forecast. i've got my detailed forecast, coming up, along with my seven- day. but in the meantime, definitely stay safe out there and stay hydrated as well. >> erica, thank you. summer has arrived with a vengeance, and just in time for the july 4th holiday weekend, don knapp is at the alameda county fair in pleasanton,
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where they are celebrating the grilling season in a big way. don? >> reporter: grilling season, the biggest way you can imagine, ann. what you're looking at behind me now is an historical moment, as they flip what they hope will be the world's largest hamburger. they actually had to create a special rig to do this and they hopefully will get it over and maybe not break it up before they get that record. they are trying hard now. uh-oh, looks like a little smoke here, not good for spare the air day. but they have got it turned over. now if they can just get the fire up to it in place, we'll have it. looks like they have done it! let's see how they put this all together from earlier today. unless you're on a ride with the wind in your face, the alameda county farrakhan be pretty hot. as these folks have the hottest job of all, trying to cook up the world's biggest hamburger. you don't slap this patty together between your hands. you slap your hands into a tub of meat and pack the custom- made burger form. >> we need to break the 590-
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pound record, which is set from canada. so we are starting with 600 pounds of ground beef, and then we're cooking that for 10 hours. >> reporter: because the burger starts out at about 600 pounds or so, they climb right up on the grill to get the cooking started. to be sure it gets cooked, wrap it with aluminum foil. everything about attempting to grill a world record burger is a challenge. >> we can say we've cooked meat before and we can say we've cooked burgers before and all that type of stuff, but have you ever cooked a 600-pound burger? no. >> how do you flip it? >> we had to have a welder come over and actually create this jig that will allow us to flip this burger. that's the biggest effort. >> reporter: what do you do for a bun? >> athens bakery created the bun, and how do you put 170, you know, actually 340 pounds of dough to make a bun? >> reporter: good news is, those working over a hot stove for 10 hours on a hot day don't have to do it indoors. those worried about the heat, just head to the beach.
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but for these folks, it wasn't hot enough for the cold bay area at alameda's crown beach. >> typical san francisco weather, a little foggy, a little bit warm, not too hot, a little windy. but it's nice. everybody's out, enjoying the fourth of july weekend. >> reporter: back here at the hot alameda county fair, folks are watching record hot meat get cooked, as they try to go for the world record. they think they have got it, maybe 400 or 500 pounds of hamburger, and the reason for this, to get the world record and to raise money for charity. lot of fun at the alameda county fair and a lot of hamburgers later! see ya later. >> don knapp, thanks so much. well, fourth of july festivities have special significance this year. in one city on the peninsula, in about an hour it will have its first fireworks show ever. anne mackovic on the day-long display of pride in east palo alto. >> reporter: it only took a few
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minutes for the entire parade to pass by. >> i thought there would be more. i thought it would have been more. that was nice. >> reporter: because it was more than just a parade. >> one of the first ones i received. >> reporter: it's a symbol of community. >> we come out to encourage them, because if we don't, then they will stop. >> reporter: it's the third year for east palo alto's parade, and this is the biggest one yet. >> i like the cars and the low rider. >> reporter: marie henry was here to see everything. after all, she's a long-time resident. >> 34 years, right here on bell street. at one point, we were dubbed the crime capital of the world, which is very aggravating, because the world is a big place. >> i think the people from here, they are trying to gather up and support the community. >> reporter: while other cities all over the bay area canceled their fireworks celebrations, there is going to be a show here tonight, and that is in
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part because it's illegal to have any fireworks in east palo alto. police hope that will dissuade people from lighting them off on their own. >> for us, if it works, if the economy picks up in the future, certainly we'll be doing a larger show. but we're excited we can bring the safe alternative to the community. >> reporter: fireworks are paid for by private donations. the rest of today's fun is coming out of a $6000 city fund. the heart behind it? absolutely free. >> they like to say why are those people waving flags? they came to see us! >> reporter: anne mackovic, cbs 5. and for a complete list of fourth of july fireworks shows that are happening around the bay area, go to tonight, divers are searching for a plane that sank in the bay off mirren county last night. the coastguard scoured richardson bay for the sunken sea plane today, but still have
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not found it. the aircraft is submerged under as much as 40 feet of water. sausalito police do not believe the plane is leaking oil or fuel. the plane ended up in the water after a failed takeoff near the sausalito shoreline around 7:30 last night. the plane gained speed on the water before lifting off and then for some reason, the front of the plane nosed into the water. nearby boaters rescued the 75- year-old pilot and a passenger. the coastguard says a wave hit the sea plane during takeoff. agencies are investigating if pilot error is also to blame. checking out the bay area headlines, a month after two san francisco firefighters died in the line of duty, investigators have ruled the fire was accidental, probably caused by an electrical short. vincent perez and anthony valerio died a month ago today while battling a house fire in the diamond heights neighborhood. more tests are being conducted to find the exact source. the official report is due out next month. another leaf blower fan is
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in the works for a bay area city. a citizens environmental group has asked burlingame to silence the noise makers, especially the gasoline-powered ones. they argue the leaf blowers are too loud and aggravate respiratory diseases, but the bay area gardners association says it will cost jobs during a battered economy. and sickness on the high seas. a cruise aboard the san francisco bay sea princess. for the past two months, more than 350 cases of neuro virus have been reported by passengers. more than 50 people got sick on an alaskan trip that left port two weeks ago. princess cruises says the latest outbreak was spread by a passenger who brought it aboard. so this is good news and bad news for some bay area homeowners. property values in san mateo county have risen 11.12% in the past fiscal year. that means local agencies will receive about $15 million more in tax revenue.
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but the county tax assessor says the growth in assessments was driven in part by inflation. some 30,000 residential properties and more than 500 commercial properties requested and received tax breaks, because of declining values. the state has a budget, but it's students who have the blues. how lawmakers balancing the books may cost those hitting the books. and a brazen robbery caught on camera. where police say a trio of gunmen struck. considering yet another tuitio ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the university's president is the university of california is considering yet another tuition hike. the university's president is asking the board of regents to approve a 9.6% increase to make up for a loss in state revenues slashed in the budget just passed. if approved, the annual tuition would rise by more than $1000 to about $12,200 each year. it would be the seventh tuition
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hike since 2006. and -- abusing her nephew through years of abuse. a jury found yesterday 4-year- old davis guilty on all counts, including first degree murder. when police found the twin teenagers in september of 2008, jasmine davis had starved to death and her brother was severely mal nourished. a sentencing date has not been set. in san francisco, a renewed plea to help solve a murder more than a decade after the killing. paul brian left sixth and mission on june 18, 2001 shortly after midnight. her body was found two hours later, less than a mile away. the man she left the bar with was described as white, 6 feet tall, about 200 pounds with black hair, and a tattoo of a skull and cross bones on his right upper arm. he was about 35 to 40 years old at the time of the murder. market" on oakland police are looking for armed robbers captured on
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video. three men demanded money from workers at the oak roll market on mountain boulevard on may 4 and then one of the men went behind the counter and stole money from the register. the suspects are described as being about 19, 20 years old. they got away in a dark blue jeep cherokee, 1999 or 2009 model. britain's prince william and his bride will begin a three-day visit to southern california on friday. the royal newlyweds are currently drawing big crowds in canada and are expected to get big turnouts in los angeles as well. but one of most l.a.'s most prominent brits probably won't be among them. soccer star david beckham says his wife is due to give birth to their first daughter on the fourth of july and he has to work. >> i know there's a couple of events, one we were invited to, but unfortunately, i'm not going to be able to make it just because i have a game the night after. >> beckham says the fourth of july means a lot to him and his
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wife victoria. it's their wedding anniversary. they have been married 12 years. hit the slopes this holiday weekend? yes, it's never too late for a little skiing. opes. well, it's going to be really warm. no skiing around here. i've got my detailed forecast, coming up and you'll definitely want to watch that. ,,,,,,
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than this fourth of july weekend, how about, hmm, hitting the slopes? thanks to record snowfall this year, several lake tahoe resorts are open. alpine meadows, squal valley, and kirkwood are welcoming all skiers and sugar bowl is open for season pass holders. this is only the second time in history that alpine will be open on july 4th and the last time was 1995. we heard erika -- we don't have any snow or rain in our forecast, but a lot of heat! >> lot of sun, lot of heat, definitely some conditions that you want to be cautious of. air quality management. we are getting an air quality advisory and that has to do with the fact that that high pressure ridge is making its way into the forecast region and is pretty much suppressing all of the air. things like hair spray, gasoline, anything like that can certainly affect us and will stick around in the atmosphere a lot more. as we take a look outside, we can see we pretty much see clear sky conditions. here is that high pressure ridge building nicely, holding
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over the region. this really increases the daily highs, so we do have that heat advisory. we also do have that spare the air advisory as well. definitely you want to be taking precautions, because we do have all of these unhealthy air quality indices in effect for tomorrow. our current temperatures, warm all around. concord at 93. fairfield, 89. santa rosa, 86. pacifica currently at 63, along with san francisco. it's a bit cooler there. this evening, we can expect temperatures to range from the mid-50s to 90s. sunny and hot inland. sunny and breezy conditions along the bay. sunset, 8:35 p.m. expected overnight lows, livermore, 62. fremont, 58. 61 for con soared. warmer than last night. this is warm all around. in fact, 97 for lapides. morgan hills, 102. this is the hottest i've seen, brentwood at 106. these conditions are certainly very warm, unusually high for this time of the year.
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that high pressure ridge is holding steady over the forecast region. sausalito, 81. 94 for vallejo. sonoma, 97. triple digits for napa and fairfield. looking at your extended forecast, we can see we do have these temperatures gradually decreasing by the end of the week, but it's going to be hot. here's kim with sports. marie ray sharapova loses her first set at wimbledon, but could she regroup? and another meltdown for a major league closer. sports is next. ,, denny's new tour of america menu. 50 star cuisine. the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's.
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america's diner is always open.
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the first time since er six matches we begin at the all england club where sharapova was back in a major final for the first time since 2008 and she dominated in her six matches to get there, winning all 12 sets. with the nba lockout, sasha had plenty of time to cheer on his fiance, sharapova in the near court. but all the sleeking and yelling didn't seem to bother kvitova. she held off sharapova in the second set 6-4, winning the match with a 105 mile-an-hour ace. the 21-year-old kvitova becomes the youngest wimbledon champ since sharapova won at age 17 back in 2004. women's world cup, mia hamm making the trip to germany to watch team usa take on colombia. 50th minute, the united states takes a 2-goal lead and then
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treats the crowd to a springstein impression. ♪ born in the usa! ♪ >> usa wins 3-nil and advances to the quarter final. third round at the at&t national, nick watney provided the fireworks on the back nine with six birdies and an eagle. he sets a new course record, with an 8-under 62 and moves into a tie for the lead with ricky fowler, who shot a 64. k.j. choi is one stroke back. opening stage of the tour de france turned into a game of human dominoes. gilbert won the 119-mile stage with a time of 4:41 hours. last year's winner, alberto contador finished in 82nd. major league all-star teams will be announced tomorrow and any giants pick for the national league team figure to be pitchers. but which pitcher deserves it most? nearly 40% voted for tim
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lincecum, and who would have predicted this back in march? ryan vogelsong received more votes than brian wilson and matt cain. you can go to the cbs 5 facebook page right now and cast your votes. brian wilson went off on the water cooler last night, but he wasn't the only closer to blow up this weekend. toronto's john rauch had to be held back while arguing with an phon sew marquez. manager john ferrell rips his jersey off in the process. rauch gets he jeblghted and it took three coaches to get their 6' 11 closer back to the dugout. baseball may go hand in hand with the fourth of july, but it's also synonymous with jack mckeon, back in the majors as a manager and was back in the bay area this week. >> i'm at the ball park at 9:30, all day. that's my living room. that's where i enjoy being. >> reporter: two weeks ago, the marlins hired 80-year-old jack mckeon as their interim manager. he's second to 88-year-old mack
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as the oldest manager in baseball history. >> i mean, i think all you guys make this age factor a big joke. you know, joe paterno's out there going, 84. he's doing a hell of a job. what's the big deal? >> reporter: despite being in baseball for seven decades, mckeon has only been a manager for 16 seasons, including parts of two years with the a's in the late '70s when they were known as the triple-a's, and owner charlie finley was the franchise's biggest star. >> with charlie, you had to find out option a, b, c, d, and you're going to be wrong. you're go doing be wrong, but you better figure out all the options. ♪ can't touch this -- n] >> reporter: he may not be up to speed on twitter or facebook, but mckeon knew all about mc hammer before hammer time became cool. hammer, of course, was an a's bat boy and used to provide his own play by play for finley.
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>> i was in the booth pitching one day and hammer's up there saying, charlie, we're ahead 8- 1, charlie, he's losing it, he's losing it, charlie, and nobody's warming up the bullpen. one day charlie says, hammer, go down and see cousin karl. i need some kind of information. and he said give the phone to jack. freddie lynn's up, ball 1. ball 2. foul ball. damn, you don't know how to broadcast a game. he said hammer tells me checks the runners looks for the sign, checks the runners. when hammer comes back, you sit there and listen to him and learn how to broadcast a game with me! >> definitely won't make it to cooperstown as a broadcaster, but it would be nice to see him. if i had a hall of fame vote, i would vote for him.
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the marlins were 1-19 for the month of june, now he's back at .500. >> always fun. no confession, no witnesses, and no direct evidence. what we can expect as the dramatic casey anthony trial winds down, closing arguments begin tomorrow. also, the fourth of july is not the same without fireworks and barbecues. how many hot dogs are eaten? how much is spent on fireworks? fourth of july facts tonight at 10:00 on the cw on cbs 5. that's going to do it for this edition of eyewitness news. see you again at 11:00. until then, your news and weather on have a great night. director:otero discrep: reason:
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